As far as retirements go, you would be hard-pressed to find a better send-off than Ted Williams, the Boston Red Sox great, who had a 17-year, Hall-of-Fame career, (that was interrupted for three years when he volunteered for military service during the World War II).  On September 28, 1960, Williams hit a home run in his last at-bat, at home, in Boston’s Fenway Park. 

At Lenovo, we’re celebrating the retirement of a product that has been a hero for 15 years. BladeCenter will be completely withdrawn from marketing in June, closing the book on a system that spawned new form-factors, new thinking in the industry and a revolution in the data center. The idea that you could share networking, power and cooling and management across multiple systems, while stripping them down to their most basic, essential elements was truly groundbreaking. BladeCenter was seen as a game-changing product, and competitors were forced to follow with their own blade products.

When Flex System was released in 2012, as the second generation of blade servers, we knew that some BladeCenter customers would find it difficult to part with their trusted platform. That’s why we gave BladeCenter such a long goodbye. Those customers still on BladeCenter will begin to transition in the second half of this year. But fear not! This is a good thing! Flex System is a more than capable heir apparent to the BladeCenter throne! Just consider these factors as your data center moves into the 2020s:

  • Flex System is built for the next generation of Intel processors, networking and storage.
  • Power and cooling costs are less for Flex System due to its more efficient design and components.
  • Lenovo XClarity management on Flex System reduces steps and costs for system admins.
  • Flex System chassis (both Enterprise & Carrier Grade) have greater bandwidth than BladeCenter.
  • Pay-as-you-grow networking scalability in Flex system delivers non-disruptive hardware upgrades.

For these, and many more reasons, customers have been moving to Flex System over the last four years. Talk to your Lenovo seller about transitioning to Flex System, and start taking advantage of the best blade system available today.

And as BladeCenter rounds the bases for the last time, we’re reminded that even though legends retire, the next generation builds its own legacy. Ted Williams was replaced the next year by a guy named Carl Yastrzemski, who went on to play 23 years for the Red Sox and make the Baseball Hall of Fame himself.