A Week of Giving Back: The Lenovo Way

Giving back to our communities is one way we live our commitment to our employees and customers. That’s why it’s fitting that at the start of our fiscal year with kickoffs going on around the world, we’re holding the ‘Lenovo Global Week of Service’. I’m proud this initiative started by a grassroots effort from our employees worldwide. These passionate employees volunteer to lead local efforts in their communities, supported by Lenovo’s encouragement to give back.

A pasture build for an equine therapy center that serves people with disabilities in Jaguariuna, Brazil

This week, more than 2,000 Lenovians in more than 20 countries will engage in service for their local communities. Some of the service projects will focus on education and the environment, and many of them will help benefit minorities in underserved communities and individuals with disabilities. For example, at Motorola Mobility’s Chicago office, volunteers will bring science and technology projects to public schools in under resourced communities. And employees in India will serve their community by creating audio books for children with vision loss. 

A tech literacy event for senior citizens took place in Bratislava, Slovakia

Service projects like these meet the unique needs of our diverse population of customers and causes that resonate with employees. We’re fortunate to be able to leverage our technology and even donate devices to make a difference in our communities. These are ways we live “Different is Better.”