Achieve Your 2015 Business Resolutions with the New Lenovo System x3500 M5 Server

You hear it, though at first you don’t admit it’s a problem. But then your team’s grumbles grow louder. They complain that the system you use to back up your business is slow, unreliable and difficult to maintain. You even had to hire a full-time IT person to oversee its clunky old technology. So on top of its other problems, the old system has increased your annual operating expenses.

Since your business has grown like gang-busters – amazing sales in just the last year alone – you agree that your IT must keep pace, especially if you plan to achieve your 2015 objectives. It’s a new year, after all.

Here are a few key reasons why your team should choose the new System x3500 M5 tower to steer your business this new year:

  • All-in-one server ⇒ You can address your required workloads in this space-saving tower, eliminating the need for a rack. It’s compact and quiet, and can easily fit under a desk – perfect for growing businesses, franchises, distributed environments and remote offices.  Plus, it has two 5 ¼ inch media bays for loading DVD-ROM drives with the latest software, or an optional tape for backup and recovery. But, if your business expands so much that you need a dedicated data center, you can use a tower-to-rack kit to convert the x3500 M5 into a 5U rack server.
  • Huge performance gain ⇒ Sporting up to two Intel Xeon E5-2600 V3 Series processors with up to 36 cores per system and 45MB cache, the x3500 M5 will jumpstart your company’s workloads – from point of sale to e-mail, file, print, web serving, database management, backup & recovery, and even virtual desktop. Low-voltage TruDDR4 memory provides you with abundant memory (1.5 TB) and energy savings. Optional GPUs accelerate your graphics workloads; and 12 Gbps RAID support can speed up your data backup.
  • Built-in, high-availability features to reduce your IT administrative time and costs ⇒  System x servers scored #1 in reliability out of all x86 servers in the independent ITIC 2014-2015 Reliability Survey. The System x3500 M5 incorporates many state-of-the-art, high-availability features to increase uptime, including redundant hot-swappable fans, redundant drives, and redundant power supplies. Light path diagnostics, in conjunction with predictive failure analysis, alerts you of components with potential errors by lighting the corresponding component’s LED on the server’s panel. That way you can schedule parts replacement on your own time and avoid the cost and hassle of unplanned downtime. Plus, the server’s integrated management module (IMM2.1) facilitates easy serviceability and maintenance, so you no longer need a full-time IT person just to keep your business running.
  • Flexible, extensive storage for your data ⇒ Your old machine’s storage capacity may be approaching the limit, making your daily backups slow and painful. The x3500 M5 has a whopping 72TB storage capacity with the new 6TB drives. Plus, it has a wide range of storage configuration options: up to 32 x 2.5-inch drives, up to 12 x 3.5-inch drives, or a unique combination of up to 16 x 2.5-inch drives and 6 x 3.5-inch drives in the same server, which you can leverage for tiered storage. Place data requiring fast access on the 2.5-inch drives, and older data on the lower-cost 3.5-inch drives.
  • Industry-leading security ⇒ The System x3500 M5 incorporates best-of-breed System x Trusted Platform Assurance security, an exclusive set of built-in security features and practices, to protect the hardware and firmware against malware attacks and establish a solid foundation for your workloads. Optional self-encrypting drives enable you to protect your enterprise data at rest, with a couple of options for centralized key management. With the recent high-profile security breaches you’ve heard about in the news, you can’t afford to take chances.
  • Cost savings ⇒ Not only can you reduce operating expenses by not having to dedicate a full-time employee to the server’s administration, but you can save ongoing energy costs through  the server’s efficient titanium  power supplies (96 percent efficiency) and extended operating temperature range (up to 40 C).

So in short, the System x3500 M5 can help steer your business to additional growth and profitability by increasing workload performance and storage capacity, reducing unplanned downtime and operational costs and protecting your firmware against attacks. 

How’s that for an easy way of achieving your 2015 business resolutions?

Learn more about the System x3500 M5 through the product page, product guide, and 3D animation video.  

Jill Caugherty is the Worldwide Marketing Manager for the Lenovo Single and Dual Processor Rack and Tower portfolio, based in Research Triangle Park, NC.