Aimee Tatham is a unicorn. How do I know? One of my colleagues told me so.

“Aimee is a beautiful soul,” writes Danielle Uskovic from Lenovo’s social media team in Australia/New Zealand. “Magical and unique. She's the sweetest and most amazing fan we could have." She may also be the world's biggest fan of our YOGA laptops and tablets. We connected with Aimee recently to learn about the origins of her crazy YOGA love, and to dig into how she uses tiny figurines to create hilarious scenes.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Aimee. I'm in my mid-20s living in Australia. I am a full-time mum to 2 beautiful boys and a partner-in-crime to my other half. They keep me on my toes. Some people may say I am a little bit of a hoarder but I like to think I am a collector of all things awesome. I love collecting figurines from all different eras, and especially Lego mini-figures that capture my inner child. I also love cake! If you have cake, I am your friend for life. People who know me would probably say that I am a little bit of an oddball but a fun bubbly oddball that isn't afraid to bust a move to my own tune in life.

We love that you’re an oddball—I mean, we’re the guys that embrace #Goodweird after all. It’s quite possible that you are the single biggest YOGA fan in the world. When, where and how did the love affair begin?

Ha! That's quite flattering. Well, once upon time there was a mother who lost her sanity at her laptop and longed for a device that would work with her rather than against her. Days turned into weeks and smoke started to stream out of her ears. She knew she needed to unplug the cord and find another hard drive to create memories with. Prince Charming aka YOGA 2 Pro came into the mother's life and changed it for the better. No longer was there frustration (nor any screen freezes). Simplicity had been found. In all seriousness, my YOGA Pro 2 was the start of the love affair—they truly are amazing devices. When I hear YOGA, my heart skips a beat.

Ah, Cupid’s arrow. We love the pictures you post of your mini YOGAs. What first possessed you to pose the little laptop with different characters and who are your favorite characters to use?

Thanks, guys, for saying you love my photos. I was watching my boys play and thought it would be great to be able to capture an adult’s inner child through pictures. Then it hit me! As a geek and a lover of figurines and YOGA devices, I would start snapping my passions together. It kinda just grew from there. I wouldn't say I have a favorite character as it changes every week or depending on my mood BUT if I had to pick one that I really love, it would have to be Wall-E. He is just adorable and his character is really quite sweet and ambitious.

Your “Tech Tip” posts are both useful and hilarious—are you a true techie or are you just really instinctive about little lifehacks like that?

I wouldn't say I am a true techie but more of a lifehacker. As a mum, I am all about making life that little bit easier for myself or for the people around me. If I can share a tip and save a person some money or some sanity then that's a win, right?

(Here are four of Aimee's tips...)

1: Use fold-back clips to organize your cables or even wrap your earphones around to keep your desk looking tidy.

2: Use springs from a pen to prevent power cords from bending and breaking.

3: Use the sticky side of a post-it note to clean between the keys on your laptop keyboard.

4: Use LEGO figurines to support your cables.


You have as good an imagination as anyone I’ve ever come across—where does all that come from and what other creative pursuits are you passionate about?

Honestly, it comes from everything around me. I can be looking at a tree and an idea will hit me. I would describe it as “in-the-moment” creativity. I do get creative blocks where my brain gets scrabbled from an overload of ideas. As for other creative pursuits, I will be going back to study marketing/advertising, then pursue my creativity and dreams on a more professional level. Hey, who knows, I may end up working for Lenovo on your marketing team!

Stranger things have happened! So what Lenovo gear do you have and how specifically do you use your go-to devices?

I'm a proud owner of a YOGA 2 Pro, YOGA 3 Pro, YOGA Tablet 3 Pro and a mini-YOGA. I would say my go-to device at the moment is my tablet. It's so light and portable and the projector is pretty darn cool. It fits perfectly into my bag, plus the kids love being able to play games in the car on long rides. I do use my YOGA 3 Pro when I'm at home for watching movies, sorting out my photos and whatever else grown-up stuff I need to do like banking.

Aimee's YOGA Tablet

Makes sense. So you’re a member of Lenovo INsiders. How would you explain the group to someone who isn’t familiar with it and what have you gained from being a member of the community?

Being a Lenovo INsider is something I am very proud of. It's a great group of smart, funny and inspiring people who love all things Lenovo. I have gained so much from the Insiders, from being inspired to further my studies in marketing to having that support I need when I doubt myself. It truly is a great group of people sharing a passion for Lenovo. 


Aimee, thanks for taking the time to chat. We know unicorns are very busy so we’ll let you get back to your day.


Gavin O’Hara is Lenovo’s Brand Newsroom Lead.