#BetterNeverStops: How We Pursue Innovation

With such a broad range of devices - PCs, smartphones, tablets, servers and more - we must think differently to meet the needs of our customers. From teens looking for the latest smartphone that can adapt with a mod, or business professionals looking for lightweight but powerful and multimode devices, or an IT manager that’s looking to update an aging data center, our technology is far-reaching. Our brand reflects our products. We’re fluid and adaptable to represent this broad reach, yet we’re rooted in some fundamental brand truths that represent who we are as a company.

Brand Z recently named us #1 on its list of ‘Top 30 Chinese Global Brand Builders of 2017’, an annual study of the views and opinions of consumers. The report analyzes consumer perceptions of Chinese and non-Chinese brands across nine product categories and seven countries, producing a list of the “hottest brands and brands to watch.”  We were also awarded Gold, for 'best visual identity from the technology, media and telecommunications sector' at the 2017 Transformation Awards Europe for the Moto brand. Both these recognitions are a testament to Lenovo’s brand transformation resonating with not our customers but also with industry peers. 

The journey to distinctive branding didn’t happen overnight. We had to find a unifying principle and identify what exactly drives us to innovate and in turn used this to represent who we are as a brand. We looked at ourselves, from design to engineering to manufacturing and discovered that innovation really does live in all parts of our business. Whether it’s innovating a new experience for gamers via Lenovo Legion or figuring out a new groundbreaking manufacturing process, like Low Temperature Solder, we saw that our products are very different from anything else on the market. From the Yoga that bends, tilts and hangs, to the reliability and sleek design of the ThinkPad, to the Phab 2 Pro built to merge real life and augmented reality, we believe that these innovative differences create better experiences and in turn allow our customers to be better. Better at what they create. Better at their job. The list is endless. That’s how we came to our “different is better” mantra which speaks to Lenovo’s distinctive brand identity. 

These recent accolades further validate the work we’re doing to make “Lenovo” a household name among consumers, but we know we still have more work to do. Just like our products, we acknowledge that innovation doesn’t happen on its own or in isolation, and by continuing to be close and responsive to our customers and community, we will also continue to innovate the brand.