Business Productivity and IT Benefits of Upgrading with Lenovo X6

Data center upgrades and modernization, especially the migration of mission-critical systems to newer technologies, needs to be justified. Some organizations, when faced with budget challenges, put off capital expenditures and try to lengthen server life cycles and extend software licenses. Building a strong case for migration, and continuing to showcase the advantages to IT and the business, is one of the most important aspects of an upgrade project.

Increase Business Productivity

IT departments improve support and drive business with increased application performance, improved agility and reduced time to market for applications and services. With Lenovo X6 servers, you can serve more end customers without increasing costs, which leads to higher revenue, customer growth and more productive employees.

  • Support more workloads per server: With Lenovo X6’s tremendous memory capabilities, you can expand virtualization, and higher server compute power enables you to support workloads on fewer servers. The x3850 provides up to 6 TB of memory and the x3950 up to 12 TB of memory, allowing you to implement large virtual machines, or run sizeable in-memory databases without compromises in performance, capacity or scalability.
  • Increasing IT agility: By extending server virtualization and leveraging template-driven processes, you can provision server resources to support new business applications or services in less time. As a result, your IT department becomes more nimble and can support evolving demands from functional and business groups.
  • Delivering applications faster: By speeding up the provisioning of resources and leveraging automation, you can deliver applications quickly. Lenovo XClarity is a new centralized resource management solution that enables you to deploy infrastructure faster and with less effort. XClarity provides automated discovery and monitoring, firmware updates, pattern-based configuration management, and deployment of operating systems and hypervisors to multiple systems.
  • Improved application performance: With X6 fast compute, memory and virtualization capabilities, business-enabling applications perform better. The X6 servers have held numerous #1 performance benchmarks across the industry.
  • User productivity: You benefit from fewer work disruptions as the result of higher reliability of these Lenovo X6 servers, and your customers benefit when customer-facing web sites, portals or applications experience less downtime. Lenovo X6 servers feature advanced reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features. Differentiated X6 self-healing technology, proactively identifies potential failures and transparently takes necessary corrective actions. 

Improved IT Benefits

With Lenovo X6, IT saves on capital expenditures while being more productive thanks to automation, consolidated server environments and minimizing downtime.

  • IT Infrastructure cost: You benefit from the increased compute power and memory of these X6 servers and the ability to extend server virtualization. This means you can support more business, even as you have streamlined your data center environments. You can also reduce data center-related capital and operational expenses due to the agility, efficiency and increased performance of Lenovo X6 servers. Read Lenovo X6 Server Consolidation – Save 80% by Consolidating HP Servers blog. Also read Lenovo x3950 X6 Achieves World-Record SPECvirt Benchmark.
  • IT staff benefits: Lenovo X6 helps your IT staff to be more efficient by modernizing your IT environments. This efficiency gain means that IT staff are able to provide improved IT services at a lower cost. In addition, you benefit from freeing up time previously spent on administering, monitoring and maintaining your server environments.
  • IT uptime: Lenovo X6 servers help reduce the occurrence and impact of unplanned downtime. IT staff spends less time on downtime and resolving issues and more time improving systems and applications. Read The Only Good Downtime, is NO Downtime blog.

For more information on each system:

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