CES 2016: What does it mean for public agency decision-makers?

As the hype settles and everybody has returned to reality, it’s a good time to ask: What did we learn? While the show is typically focused on so-called consumer computing, in reality these ideas will eventually shape the future of agency technology in important, fundamental ways.

As a trusted technology partner to government agencies at all levels, Lenovo understands the unique challenges of reshaping government work with better technology, balancing the latest and greatest with proven solutions and efficiencies to:

  • make users and citizens more productive
  • harness the power of information for data-driven governing
  • build a digital infrastructure ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow

So how will today’s new technologies become tomorrow’s must-have innovation?

The Trends

Productivity is becoming more personalized

As our technology becomes more personal, it’s impacting what end-users expect from life and work. They don’t want to leave behind the intuitive interfaces and engaging experiences they’ve become accustomed to with personal devices. In fact, they expect those features to show up in the tools they use to work. Traditionally, this meant smartphones and/or laptops, but as this year’s show proves, wearables (now “inching towards a purpose”) and other devices are also impacting the future of the endpoint.

Information is everywhere (and we’re only scratching the surface)

From maturing IoT solutions to the explosion of embedded-sensors, our technology is being designed to soak information up from the world around us. This is critical to agencies looking to improve and innovate, as it allows decisions to be driven by data, often in real-time. Agencies are just now starting to build these networks, often piece by piece, and seeing results.

Infrastructure must keep pace with opportunity (or become a constraint)

Just like the need to transform data centers to meet the new needs to high performance and cloud computing, new ideas are stretching core infrastructure capabilities. Whether it’s a demand for 3D imaging or the VR/AR solutions that require massive compute power, the concept of infrastructure gets slightly more complex.

Even in Las Vegas, Lenovo Shines Bright

There’s always a lot going on at CES – with the best and brightest of technology making it a tough crowd to stand out in. While we don’t build our products just to win awards, we’re honored that Lenovo’s distinctive combination of style and substance earned high praise from some of the world’s toughest critics yet again this year. See you next time! 

Lenovo CES 2016 Awards