Earth Day 2016: The Road to Becoming Greener

While Earth Day afforded us a good opportunity to reflect upon our progress and efforts towards making our products and operations greener, at Lenovo we strive to “think green” every day.

Two areas I’m particularly proud of are our use of post consumer recycled content (PCC) and our concentration on making products that are energy efficient, ergonomically-sound and easily recyclable. Many of our PCs lead the industry for PCC usage (several of our ThinkCentre desktops use up to a quarter of all their plastic material from PCC). PCC is important because it reduces the need to use new plastic for PC components. Instead, it recycles plastic from upstream products and reuses them in a PC. Our ThinkCentre Chromebox uses more than 30%, and we’ll continuing to increase the amount of PCC we use in our products across the board. So far we’ve used more than 157 million pounds of PCC, helping divert this from landfills. It’s not just PCs that are being made from PCC – check out all the other essential items, like tables and desks.

Helped by such a strong use of PCC, many of our products, including ThinkPad laptops, are ranked EPEAT Gold, the highest rating available. TCO recently certified more of our products as well.  A TCO Certified computer or tablet contains less sensitive materials and meets verification criteria for the brand’s progress in socially responsible manufacturing.

We think about the entire life cycle of our products, from what goes in them to the 100% recycled and recyclable packaging on many of them to how they’re disposed of at the end of life. We offer a variety of consumer and business recycling programs with many of them being free in locations around the world.

It’s not just educating consumers about the role of sustainability in our products. We’re encouraging employees to be greener too in the workplace and at home. Every year, Earth Day marks a good opportunity to raise awareness at our locations around the world. Here are just a few examples of what employees did to celebrate in Raleigh: hosted an office equipment collection drive, where employees recycled their old and outdated technology and, in an effort to help the Earth Day Network, which has put a stake in the ground to plant 7.8 billion trees for the earth, my Lenovo colleagues joined together outside to plant trees.