From Zero to Cloud in 10 Seconds, or Not?

Imagine you get a job at a new company and you can choose your IT infrastructure from scratch. Wouldn’t it be great to leverage the latest innovations and take advantage of technology that’s been developed over the last few years? You can choose to go straight to the cloud and obtain your IT “as a service”, or if you need IT infrastructure on-premise, you can choose the latest converged or hyperconverged offering as the most agile solution. You could move to the cloud very quickly. The reality is that unless you’re starting a new business, an IT infrastructure is already in place. Choosing the latest technologies automatically means a change or transition from your current IT environment. These migrations can be very complex and often rely on the application vendor to support the latest technology.

When a converged solution is your aim, but IT legacy in your data center limits you at this time, Lenovo can help you. Lenovo offers the Flex System technology. Introducing Lenovo Flex System can be your first step towards a complete converged infrastructure. Just start with the Flex Enterprise Chassis and the x240 M5 nodes, combined with networking and set it up as a traditional IT infrastructure. Take advantage of the integration and optimized connectivity, but manage it as you used to manage your infrastructure. At a later stage you can add the components that deliver the converged advantages.

The Flex Enterprise Chassis delivers the foundation for converged and integrated solutions and is ideal for scale-up and scale-out scenarios. But did you know that you can also use Flex System as a traditional IT solution? You can manage the Flex x240 M5 servers with the same tools you use for your standalone servers. You can have your Flex System switches managed by the same network administrators that manage your own private, on-premise, core network.

Once your application vendors support cloud management tools (provisioning, orchestration, etc.), you can add these tools and improve your IT environment to get the benefit of cloud functionality. These smooth transitions make Lenovo Flex System ideal for IT departments that cannot move to cloud overnight.

Take a look at the reference architectures on Lenovo Press to discover how Lenovo uses the Flex System technology and how you can make a start with the build of a converged solution.