Last week at the annual Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference, Gartner’s David Cappuccio  and Tom Bittman espoused the concept of the enterprise-defined data center. Enterprise-defined data centers are about delivering the services the business needs by leveraging the right mix of traditional and next-generation resources without letting anything go to waste. Cloud, software-defined infrastructure and hyperconvergence are just some of the technologies that are changing the way resources are delivered to the business; but traditional data centers are not going away. The best enterprises are going to figure out how to leverage all of the technologies available in the right mix for their needs. 

This is very good news for Lenovo. Our enterprise business is built around being open and flexible to work with any infrastructure, which means Lenovo is the ideal fit for enterprise-defined data centers. This is exactly what we showed at the event. Our message was to “make IT a growth engine” with open and flexible infrastructure and we showed more than 1,000 people last week some of the ways we can help.

We focused specifically on our two most recent partnerships with Nutanix and Red Hat, as well as our continuing close collaboration with Intel. Beginning with our launch party with Nutanix and Intel Monday night, our three speaking sessions, the Lenovo booth, all the way through to our Wednesday hospitality suite with Red Hat as well as Intel and Nutanix, we hope attendees got the message loud and clear that Lenovo plans to lead the way to enterprise-defined data centers by providing flexibility to deploy the right mix of innovative hardware and software to enable true business growth. Expect more innovation and more partnership from Lenovo next year as we look to become the preferred provider for the enterprise-defined data center.

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