Get In The Creative “MIIX” This Holiday

The holiday season is a time of creativity ‘high alert’ for design trendsetters. There are holiday cards to be thoughtfully designed, gifts to be artistically wrapped and even cookies to be decorated. While some of us inherit design traditions, others approach each holiday season as a blank canvas, seeking new inspiration from all around.
Now is the time to figure out a way to kick-start our minds and get those creative juices flowing for the holiday season. Our very own family of Lenovo designers is here to share some inspiration. How do they innovate daily, and what can we learn from them?
When we sat down and chatted with the team it became clear they share a common belief that creativity is at the heart of all design, but the true challenge lies in seeking inspiration to boost creativity.
To illustrate the creative process, they shared a real world example: the design of the new ideapad™ MIIX™ 700. The MIIX 700 is a premium detachable 2-in-1 tablet, but it was not easy to achieve its design! A premium or luxury product is as much about the way it makes its user feel as it is the way it looks.
Recognizing the need to stand out amongst a sea of ‘me-too’ products, the team began by creating mood boards that specifically honed in on inducing feelings of indulgence. They asked the question, “What are some small design integrations would make a big difference in the way a consumer experiences the product?” They knew the tablet pen and draw feature had to feel smooth and high-quality, and that it had to imitate the intuitive feel of a fine writing pen’s movement.
To help the creative process, they collected and studied the nibs and barrels of different writing instruments – from fountain pens to ball point pens – and analyzed how they moved across surfaces, the weight in the hand and the ease of movement, to influence the natural pen experience with WRITEit.
They also scoured fashion and accessory collections for material and color inspiration, identifying with the classic luxury of the new champagne gold hues. And they drew inspiration from the mechanics and precision of Swiss timepieces, honing in on how each individual watchband makes a timepiece feel and wear so differently – reflected in the Lenovo’s signature 360-degree dual watchband hinge.
The team further explained that inspiration can come from anywhere – online sources like fashion and lifestyle blogs to real store windows, art and music.
So before starting that holiday card or deciding on the color scheme for this year’s holiday tree, try out a few of the Lenovo design team’s tips to get those creative juices flowing:
Find a new place to let your mind wander: Open up your home’s curtains and stare out into the world or go explore somewhere you’ve never been. If you can’t leave your home, surf the Internet, read a book or switch up your daily routine.
Document your ideas when the mood strikes: Chronicle your life experiences, whether through a creative look book, a collaborative board like Pinterest or Evernote, or by taking photos. You will be surprised by how many ideas are lost throughout the day.
Play video games: Here’s one excuse to sit in front of the computer all day: PC games. Games that energize players and encourage a positive mood can also promote creativity by boosting our problem-solving skills. (Check out Lenovo’s new Y series gaming PCs).
Play Some Music: Listening to any type of music that you like helps your creative thinking and improves cognitive functioning. It doesn’t have to be just Mozart; as long as you enjoy what’s playing, the song will put you in a positive mood and stimulate your brain, both factors that boost creative performance.
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