How Two Famed “League of Legends” Gamers Got Started

Last month, two League of Legend (LoL) “greats,” Froggen (aka Henrik Hansen) and Dexter (aka Marcel Feldcamp), shared with us their experience at Lenovo’s headquarters in Beijing and what they thought about the Lenovo ideapad Y700 gaming laptops they played with. We sat down with them to get the lowdown on LoL.
Lenovo: When did you first start playing League of Legends?
Dexter: I started around the beginning of Season 1 (July, 2010).
Froggen: I started playing in August, 2010. My brother introduced me to the game.
Lenovo: What is the one LoL game that frustrated you the most?
Dexter: Probably a random solo queue game. LoL has the tendency to be very frustrating if you are not properly coordinated.
Froggen: For me specifically, it was the OSG Summer finals 2012, vs. Azubu Frost. We were up 2-0 and lost 2-3. 
Lenovo: Which games do you plan to play on your ideapad Y700 besides LoL? What’s your Game of the Year?
Dexter: My game of the year is probably still League. I don’t really play many single-player games, but that’s because my PC can’t handle most of them. That looks like it will be changing soon though!
Froggen: I actually only play LoL, so it’s my game of the year for that reason. [Laughs]
Lenovo ideapad Y700 gaming laptop
Lenovo: What do you think about LoL today vs. when it first launched?
Dexter: It is definitely a lot more fun and there are more unique mechanics in the game as opposed to just point and click abilities.
Froggen: When it was first launched, it was possible to play almost anything because it wasn’t very competitive back then. Now there are a lot more players, and teams have coaches so you have to play the “meta,” so the game keeps evolving outside of the game.

Dexter (left) and Froggen (right) test out Lenovo Y series gaming devices in Beijing.
Lenovo: If you added up all of your Riot Points spent, how many would you guess you have purchased and spent since you started playing? What do you normally spend them on? Skins, icons, boosts?
Dexter: I don’t think I ever purchased Riot points. I got all of them through playing online tournaments. My estimated guess is about 50,000 though.
Froggen: This is hard to tell. But I remember the first skin I bought was Noxus Hunter Anivia. I have probably spent tens of thousands of Riot points in total [Laughs].
Lenovo: How did you become a professional LoL player?
Dexter: Being good at the game at the right time. It’s a lot harder nowadays to go pro because there are so many people.
Froggen: I started by playing on minor teams in a lot of small tournaments and I slowly got picked for better and better teams and eventually I ended up on CLG.EU. I played all online tournaments while attending school.
Lenovo: What are some tips you have for up-and-comers looking to improve their game?
Dexter: Play a lot and love the game. If you want to be the best you have to be passionate and practice an absurd amount to keep up.
Froggen: Watch a lot of streams or replays to get ideas on how you can play the game.
Dexter (right) signs his autograph for fans in Beijing.
Lenovo: Have you ever hit a point where you just feel burned out? How do you push through it?  
Dexter: Burnouts happen all the time. Seasons are too long and either you accept it or it just isn’t for you. Taking small breaks and appreciating life offline during those small breaks helps.
Froggen: Yes. There are times where it’s less fun to play, especially if it’s not going well during the season and there’s a lot of stress. You just have to keep on going as best you can, keep practicing, and maybe find new ways to practice.
Lenovo: What do you think about Riot’s latest season update for 2016?
Dexter: They’re alright. I think they can do a lot better – I don’t like that the game times are so short right now since everything seems so chaotic. The strategic part about the game has become a lot harder.
Froggen: I think it’s okay. It wasn’t that fun in the beginning because the games ended fast without much counterplay. But they adjust to the overpowered things they spot and it slowly gets better and better.
Lenovo: Thank you again both for your time today!
Dexter: My pleasure. Thanks for the trip and the ideapad Y700!
Froggen: What he said!  

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