Innovative ThinkServer Tools Steer Lenovo Workhorse Servers

Work horses are underrated and often overlooked. They’re the animals drafted to perform the lion’s share of a group work task. We tend to dismiss them as plodding beasts — distant cousins of sleek race horses and handsome, gentle riding horses. Yet like the tortoise in the classic race against the hare, work horses are persistent and reliable. Their sturdy physique helps them complete tasks as scheduled, typically without injury or complaints. Unlike their race horse cousins, they receive no glory, but they deserve it.

Versatile and reliable, the two-socket Lenovo RD350 1U rack server, RD450 2U rack server, and TD350 tower server are the workhorses of the Lenovo enterprise portfolio. These machines belong to the mainstream category of the Lenovo rack and tower server portfolio. Equipped with up to two of the latest Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors (up to 24 cores per server); they support just the features you need and nothing you don’t: generous storage capacity, memory, network ports, PCIe slots, and RAID options for infrastructure basics (e.g. email, file, print, web serving), virtualization, database management and enterprise line-of-gusiness workloads. For the third year in a row, Lenovo servers — including the RD350, RD450 and TD350 — scored #1 in reliability above all x86 servers in the 2015-2016 independent worldwide ITIC reliability survey

Like all strong workhorses, the RD350, RD450 and TD350 accomplish their tasks with outstanding equipment and tools that make them easy to steer. They come integrated with several easy-to-use ThinkServer Management Lifecycle tools to fulfill power and cooling requirements; automatic system discovery; system configuration; bare-metal operating system and drive installation; system health monitoring; systems-level diagnostics; BIOS, firmware and device driver updates; and power consumption measurement and management.

Designed on open standards, the new ThinkServer Power Planner, ThinkServer System Manager, ThinkServer Deployment Manager and partner packs, provide vital lifecycle tools for those without existing infrastructures in place, and enable easy integration into existing management environments. They come standard with the RD350, RD450 and TD350 servers, and support intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces. See the brief descriptions below:

  • ThinkServer Power Planner: Predicts power and cooling requirements for ThinkServer systems. It estimates the requirements based on custom configurations and system workloads (idle or stress), and calculates the total required input power, input current, BTU/hour and wattage.
  • ThinkServer Deployment Manager: Reduces the complexity of server provisioning and configuration by providing a complete set of provisioning capabilities from a single interface. These include hardware configuration, operating system deployment with drivers and BIOS and ThinkServer System Manager firmware updates. 
  • ThinkServer System Manager :Reduces a business’ total cost of ownership and increases server administrators’ productivity through comprehensive system-level monitoring and out-of-band notification and alerting (can be done remotely); industry-standard interfaces and protocols; power monitoring and management controls; and advanced authentication and security features. It uses a dedicated or shared network port. System admins can view system health and status, view the system event log and remotely control power to the server.
  • ThinkServer Partner Packs: Enables companies to manage and monitor ThinkServer systems from VMware vCenter and Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, and provides hardware-level details for ThinkServer platforms, including extended sensor and inventory data.

The following ThinkServer tools are optional:

  • ThinkServer System Manager Premium: Adds remote access with virtual console and virtual  media to ThinkServer System Manager. Admins can use the remote computer’s mouse and keyboard to interact with and control the server, record video or screen captures from the remote display, control server power and turn the local monitor on/off from the virtual console. It also includes ThinkServer Energy Manager.
  • ThinkServer Energy Manager: Monitors power and temperature at group level, and analyzes data to help manage the energy efficiency and utilization of the environment. Admins can use the tool with its web-based console to configure and manage power capping policies based on server utilization, business conditions and power consumption trends. In the case of a facilities emergency, the ThinkServer Energy Manager can throttle power of all devices to prolong service time.

Consider using the dependable Lenovo RD350, RD350, and TD350 servers to run your mainstream line of business workloads. At the same time, leverage the new innovative suite of ThinkServer tools to steer your servers through the lifecycle phases of planning, deployment and systems and energy management. Enjoy the benefits of increased IT productivity and reduced operational costs and total cost of ownership. When you see these results, be sure to say a simple thanks for the Lenovo workhorse servers that get the job done!

Learn more about the Lenovo RD350 rack server, RD450 rack server, and TD350 tower server. View the Lenovo Rack & Tower Portfolio presentation and Learn more about the ThinkServer lifecycle tools here.