Lenovo and Nutanix Partnership

I’m excited to announce a new strategic partnership between Lenovo and Nutanix to jointly develop hyper-converged offerings that will help dramatically reduce server, storage and virtualization complexity in enterprise datacenters of all sizes. Lenovo and Nutanix will introduce a new family of hyper-converged appliances built on Lenovo’s industry-leading x86 enterprise systems, ranked number one in customer satisfaction and reliability, and powered by the award-winning Nutanix software. These new hyper-converged solutions will also open the opportunity for you - our Reseller - to expand on your solutions and services portfolio beyond software-defined storage to include more advanced applications.

How does our Reseller Channel benefit?

  • Lenovo does not need to protect legacy architectures. Lenovo and its Business Partners have an unbiased perspective on how to provide the greatest value to clients who seek to reduce complexity and cost.
  • Further, Lenovo sees the hyper-converged market as the opportunity to enable customers to build next-generation data centers that break down individual IT silos (servers, storage, and virtualization) and help dramatically reduce costs while bringing radical simplicity to private-cloud data centers.
  • Lenovo’s world-class servers possess all of the attributes necessary to deliver the highest quality, fully integrated and ready-to-deploy hyper-converged appliance: security, world-class up-time, industry-leading performance, and the highest customer satisfaction.
  • According to IDC, the hyper-converged market will be USD$800M in 2015 and grow rapidly by greater than 50% annually to nearly USD$4B in 2019. For Lenovo business partners, this is a very hot market that Lenovo is opening with this integrated solution.

Lenovo’s strategy is to become the market leader in x86 servers and invest in the development and delivery of IT solutions to shape next-generation data centers. This strategy provides a foundation to acquire new customer opportunities, provide innovative solutions that address infrastructure and expense challenges, and enable our Reseller Channel to effectively and efficiently react to customer needs.

I look forward to announcing these solutions and availability in early January 2016.

For more details on the Lenovo Nutanix partnership, please read the official press release.


Sammy Kinlaw
North America Channel Chief