Lenovo Art Jam: Artwork auctions during MWC 2016

Loved the artwork and want to take it (AND a Lenovo Product) home?

Well it's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Here’s what you have to do:

  • True art doesn’t have a monetary price but our artworks do have a fixed social price: a number of Retweets (RTs), only known to us. 
  • Once the artwork is put to auction, you have to Retweet the post and guess the social price of the artwork using the hashtag #LenovoArtJam
  • You also have to mention @Lenovo in your tweets.
  • You can win the artwork only when the fixed social price has been reached on Twitter.
  • Winners will be chosen among the people who have retweeted the post and guessed the correct price. The time at which users posted their answer on Twitter will not be a factor when choosing the winners – it will a draw among those who guessed correctly. 
    • Example: Fish tank costs 501 RTs. User should RT the artwork post and then tell how many RTs the prize is. Other users also RT and guess. Once we get 501, the artwork is announced sold. Winners who've guessed correctly, enter a draw to win. If nobody guessed, the person who was closest wins.
  • There will be 1 auction for 1 artwork per day, which will be announced in the beginning of the day and will end by 8pm CET on the same day.
  • One artwork will be auctioned each day and the winner will be announced later on the same day. Lenovo's decision on the winner will be final.
  • Users who abuse the above rules or continuously spam the contest and / or other users will be disqualified. 

Good luck and start bidding!