Lenovo was awarded the Red Star ‘Best of the Gold Prize’

Firstly, I would like to share some good news. On the 19th of November 2015, The ‘Red Star Design Awards’ held its annual ceremony in Beijing. The Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro was awarded the Best of the Gold Prize, and the Lenovo notebook design team received the award for the Best Team. And what’s more, after numerous ”iF” awards, Lenovo finally made a breakthrough in China’s answer to the ‘Oscars’ of design.

The Best of the Gold Prize and the Best Team Prize


The Red Star Design Awards is certified by the ICSID Congress, which aims to promote the development of the design industry, on the basis of innovation. The ‘Oscars’ of Chinese design - as they are commonly know - have been running for ten years since they were founded by the Chinese Industrial Design Association (CIDA) and the Beijing Industrial Design Center (BIDC) back in 2006.

What’s more the judges of the award ceremony are almost Oscar stars in their own right. Among some of the well known names, are none other than Guanzhong Liu from Tsinghua University;  widely considered the ‘Father of Chinese Industrial Design’, Andrej Kupetz (Chairman of VDID), Arturo Bellavitis (Chairman of Triennale), and Christian Schwamkrug (Design Director of Porsche Design).

The Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro was Awarded the Best of the Gold Prize

The Lenovo Notebook Design Team was Awarded the Best Team Prize

The participating entries all shared common characteristics; all are international products, highly innovative, high-tech and leaders in internet trends. 6025 products from 1566 companies were submitted to the competition, 289 products from 176 companies were awarded after two rounds of assessments, and the Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro was awarded the Best of the Gold Prize.

As for YOGA, the first YOGA concept prototype was awarded the Red Dot Concept Award in 2005. After ten years of unrelenting efforts, YOGA has become a distinguished commercial high-end consumer sub-brand similar to that of the ThinkPad. As the judges said, “YOGA is a business success, and it built a new transformable notebook market; furthermore, the imitation of YOGA proved its success as well. It is a self-transcendence for China Design.” That’s the reason why YOGA could be awarded the Best of the Gold Prize.

Besides being a business success, I’d like to explain a little more about the YOGA Design. As a co-creator of the YOGA 3 Pro, I feel a great sense of emotion with regards to design innovation. “This prize is not only awarded to Lenovo; but in fact, the laurel is awarded to original Chinese design.

Today, YOGA has seen success both in China and on the international stage. YOGA symbolises the spirit of ingenuity within Lenovo. As our CEO Yuanqing says, “The spirit of ingenuity in Lenovo is similar to carving the artwork which makes perfection more perfect in every detail both in quality and user experience.” Hence, the more Lenovo believes in the freedom of innovation, the more users will be able to enjoy our lifestyle products.