Joining Forces with Red Hat in the High-Growth Cloud Market

This week at Lenovo, we announced an expansion of our strategic partnership with Red Hat, which builds on more than a decade of collaboration around Linux and the open-source community. We’re now taking it to the next level and are enhancing our enterprise portfolio to include Red Hat Cloud offerings. The open, hybrid cloud is critical to the next generation of IT, and open-source technologies serve as fundamental building blocks for innovation across the entire realm of enterprise computing.

I am very excited about our relationship with Red Hat because together, we are in a position to completely disrupt the economics of cloud infrastructure. How will we do this? By helping our customers build open, private and hybrid clouds based on secure, trusted and flexible Lenovo infrastructure. Here are some highlights of our announcement.

  • Ability to sell Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, including CloudForms
  • Execution of a joint, worldwide, go-to-market campaign for Lenovo business partners
  • Validated reference architectures to assist with configuring and sizing
  • Independent, third-party testing on scalability and ease of deployment

The open-solutions approach from Red Hat and Lenovo is not only based on industry-defining x86 innovation on price-to-performance servers, but open-source software that allows customers to avoid the costly lock-in so prevalent in the enterprise market today. The days of spending up to 80 percent of an IT budget on keeping the lights on are over. Lenovo and Red Hat can lead the charge into a new era of computing that allows customers to realize significant cost advantages compared to expensive, proprietary solutions offered by competitors — for higher returns on their cloud investment.

Looking toward the future

In addition to portfolio enhancements, as part of the partnership, we’ve made a commitment to work on a number of long-term initiatives in cloud, cloud infrastructure technologies and professional services, as customers are faced with the complexities of deploying and managing both private and public hybrid cloud environments. We look forward to bringing customers new, innovative solutions in these areas.

Together, Lenovo and Red Hat pack a powerful punch — delivering the most reliable x86 hardware in the industry, leveraging tried-and-tested open standards. Our combined hardware and software enable easy deployment of physical and virtual cloud environments while driving down the IT cost curve.

At Lenovo, we have turned the corner with our x86 business. We have a maniacal focus, are committed to growth and now are aligned with the open-source leader to provide customers the best solutions in the cloud space.  

For more information, read the press release or visit the Lenovo web site.