Lenovo x3950 X6 Sets New World-Record TPC-E Benchmark

Once again, the Lenovo x3950 X6 eight-processor system delivered a world-record benchmark; this time on the TPC-E, which measures OLTP performance, published December 17, 2015. The extremely detailed results can be found at the following link on the TPC.org website. This comes on the heels of setting a new SPECvirt 2013 world record just a few weeks ago. 

The x3950 X6’s results were stunning, achieving the top eight-processor result of 11,058.99 tpsE™ (transactions per second E), and top eight-processor price/performance result of $143.91 USD/ tpsE™. This bested the previous record holder, the Fujitsu® Server PRIMEQUEST™ 2800E2, by nearly 10 percent on tpsE™, with 23 percent better price/performance. Both systems were configured with identical CPUs and amount of memory.

These results mean that Lenovo has the top TPC-E scores for both four-and eight-processor E7 systems. The four-processor x3850 X6 has held the top spot in its class since May, 2015. Additionally, these results represent a nearly 21 percent tpsE™ performance improvement and 25 percent price/performance improvement over our previous-generation, eight-processor system.

The TPC-E benchmark objectively measures and compares the performance and price of various OLTP systems.  According to the TPC.org website, “Although the underlying business model of TPC-E is a brokerage firm, the database schema, data population, transactions, and implementation rules have been designed to be broadly representative of modern OLTP systems.” 

The x3950 X6 achieved this record level of OLTP performance using Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition. The x3950 X6 was configured with eight Intel Xeon E7-8890 v3 processors at 2.50 GHz (8 processors/144 cores/288 threads) and 4 TB of TruDDR4 memory. The configuration also included 12 of the new Lenovo Storage E1024 DAS enclosures with more than 100 SAS solid-state drives running in RAID-5.

With up to eight Intel Xeon E7-8800 v3 processors, 144 processing cores and 12 TB of DDR4 memory, the x3950 X6 system delivers the speed customers require for their enterprise applications. Additionally, the x3950 X6 is an agile, easily upgraded platform with advanced RAS features to ensure mission-critical applications stay up and running. 

The Lenovo Storage E1012 and E1024 disk expansion enclosures offer universal storage expansion capabilities that are designed to provide simplicity, speed, scalability, security and high availability for small to large businesses. The E1012 and E1024 deliver enterprise-class storage technology in a cost-effective solution with flexible drive configurations and RAID or JBOD (non-RAID) host connectivity or Lenovo storage area network (SAN) array expansion.

Results referenced are current as of December 18, 2015.