Lenovo X6 Blows Away Competition in Intel Xeon E7 Benchmarks

Lenovo and “Mad Max: Fury Road” have both had really, really good weeks. With six Academy Awards, “Mad Max” won more on Sunday night than any other film. A two-hour car chase with explosions? Who saw that coming? Meanwhile, Lenovo X6 systems were recognized by Intel for 13 world-record benchmarks across multiple categories to highlight the Xeon E7 v3 family’s stellar performance. 

When you compare Lenovo to the competition in Intel’s list for four-and-eight processor systems, the results are stunning. Lenovo had almost twice the number-one results as HPE, Fujitsu and Cisco, who all had seven. Huawei had four and Dell had three—but who’s counting? OK, we are. Lenovo outperformed both HPE and Dell, combined! That folks, is the definition of a wipeout. 

Intel has posted all of the world-record benchmarks achieved on the Xeon E7 v3 platform, four-processor and eight-processor systems. Clearly, the x3850 X6 four-processor system and its eight-processor big brother, the x3950 X6 have established a tremendous track record. Not only was Lenovo X6 System’s scorching performance in SPEC series best in class, but we also established top marks in SAP, TPC and set four different world records in the STAC Technical Computing tests as well. I think that’s like an EGOT: Winning an Emmy, a Grammy an Oscar and a Tony (which is usually done over a career, we did it in one year). 

If you need systems that consistently deliver superior data center performance for mission-critical workloads such as transaction processing or analytics, Lenovo has obviously set the standard that the others are chasing. But performance is only one aspect of a system to consider. Quality also counts. Lenovo leads the pack in that regard as well. According to ITIC, Lenovo has the highest reliability as measured in downtime (or lack thereof in our case) for the third year in a row.

Lenovo X6 servers deliver superior performance and exceptional quality in mission-critical systems that are the backbone of the data center and the heartbeat of the enterprise.