LIVE from Gamescom: Gabbing with Gamers

Everyone, I hit the jackpot.

As researchers know, one of the most important (and sometimes difficult) things to do is to recruit the right people for the study you are conducting. Today, I have been able to find only the right people. I am, of course, talking about Gamers. Over 350,000 of them.

Photo: Crowds in Building 9. This is a small section (about 1/4) of 5 halls


My goal is to collect the feedback from gamers and use that information to help improve our future gaming products. So far, the comments I have received have been amazing, but they also have posed some very interesting insights. I wanted to show the booth, and then share one of those insights with you to ask your opinion.

Photo: Booth before the doors opened.


Photo: Booth after the doors opened.


Photo Left: Me talking with 2 gamers about the Y710 Cube.   Photo Right: Gamers test driving the Y900 desktops


At the Lenovo booth there is buzz around the newly announced gaming all-in-one, a small form factor desktop, and the Y710 Cube. We also have set up a stations for people to try an Oculus rift, a racing simulator with 3 curved monitors (Y27), and some areas to test out our gaming notebooks and accessories.

Photo: 3 monitor driving set-up

The most common question I have received at the booth is, “How can I get the Cube to build my new PC?” this was surprising to me for 2 reasons. First, I have to admit, I was nervous about the design. I wasn’t sure if gamers would like it or not. It turns out that this little, power-packing PC is turning heads in a good way. Second, was hearing that gamers wanted to use it to build a PC. Currently Lenovo does not sell the shells (unlike Susie, who made a business of this by the seashore). However, we seem to have stumbled onto a product that is desirable for gamers who don’t normally purchase fully made machines. It makes me wonder if we should a take a hint from Susie and sell to a new group of customers.

Photo: Y710 Cube


But I want to know what you think. Do you agree with the gamers I am talking to? Do you have cool ideas for how to customize your own Y710 Cube? Let us know by leaving your comments below.