Lowering the Barriers to Private Cloud Deployment

Businesses are under more pressure now than ever before to remain profitable. It’s a sign of the times. In an effort to boost their bottom line, managers are constantly looking for ways to lower their expenditures. IT departments are not excluded from these efforts to lower costs. 

To lower software expenses, many IT departments are turning to open-source software as an alternative to higher-priced software options. One of these options is OpenStack cloud software. Lenovo has incorporated OpenStack into its enterprise-focused solutions portfolio for private cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures. The latest Lenovo-based OpenStack solution to rollout is the Lenovo Cloud Reference Architecture for SUSE OpenStack Cloud. This solution is built around the SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 software, based on OpenStack Juno, which offers:

  • A certified OpenStack-powered platform that has been validated through testing to provide API compatibility for OpenStack core services
  • Support for multiple hypervisors to accommodate heterogeneous environments or advantageous licensing arrangements
  • Centralized resource tracking that provides insight into the cloud infrastructure’s activities and capacity in order to ensure optimized automated service deployment
  • Automated installation processes via Crowbar and Chef using predefined scripts for configuring and deploying control, compute and storage nodes
  • A distributed software-defined storage solution with SUSE Enterprise Storage, providing block, image and object storage

At the core of this architecture, reside the Lenovo System x3650 M5 and x3550 M5 servers. These servers deliver the performance and availability required for business-critical cloud infrastructure. The 2U x3650 M5 can be equipped with two 18-core Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 series processors, and as much as 1.5 TB of 2133MHz TruDDR4 memory, 8 expansion slots, and 26 2.5-inch hot-swappable SAS/SATA HDDs/SSDs, or 14 3.5-inch HDDs.

The Lenovo hardware platform provides an ideal infrastructure solution for cloud deployments. These servers provide the full range of features and functions that are necessary to meet the needs of small businesses all the way up to large enterprises. And, Lenovo enables seamless integration into OpenStack cloud management interfaces by using industry-standard systems management tools

The fully tested configuration also enables coexistence of an OpenStack cloud environment within established data centers. This helps to reduce storage costs and total cost of ownership through simplified management, reduced rack space, power savings, improved reliability and availability through server consolidation, and increased productivity.

Lenovo and SUSE have delivered successful, integrated solutions to customers worldwide through numerous collaborative efforts. These customers recognize Lenovo as a one of the leaders in the worldwide server market and SUSE’s strong market position with the Linux operating system, OpenStack and software infrastructure.

To learn more about how you can more cost-effectively deploy a private cloud infrastructure with this Lenovo solution and SUSE OpenStack software, please check out Lenovo solutions.