Making VMware Infrastructure Operational – Faster

VMware vRealize Orchestrator is a workflow automation application that helps administrators program complex, repetitive processes to increase the speed of application releases. It’s used to build reusable automation routines within single domains, which can be combined into larger orchestrations. Automating and orchestrating workflows is a key foundation for private clouds—helping to automate delivery of standardized business requests for services through a self-service portal, while aligning applications, data and VM provisioning as well as infrastructure configurations.

Once your vRealize Orchestrator workflow routines are up and running, you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of centralized, standardized and autonomic control over guest applications, data and VMs. To get this far, you’ve mapped the complex, repetitive operational tasks that complete your defined, standardized services such as deploying VMs, updating virtual resources and adding local admins. But there’s still a gap—provisioning physical infrastructure is typically not included in workflows.

Provisioning physical servers for new clusters or expanding existing clusters is tackled in isolation, often manually. This dislocation between physical infrastructure routines and application and software infrastructure routines remains over the lifecycle of the environment. This generates hidden costs by slowing down infrastructure provisioning, which delays time to value of critical applications, and complicates optimization of the infrastructure to meet changing business demands.

The new Lenovo XClarity Integrator for VMware vRealize Orchestrator closes this gap by enabling you to extend your workflow automation processes to Lenovo servers and Lenovo Flex System. It provides a library of customizable workflow routines to provision new ESXi hosts, assign and de-assign configuration patterns, which define the state of the physical servers, and to install ESXi onto bare-metal servers. These workflows serve as foundational building blocks that you can customize as needed and incorporate into larger orchestrations.

XClarity Integrator for VMware vRealize Orchestrator can help you significantly reduce the time—and the number of manual steps—to provision new hosts and clusters. How much time can you save by automating physical host provisioning? In previous tests, XClarity reduced the time to provision two blade servers from one hour when completing tasks manually, to three minutes—a 95 percent reduction in time. This included discovering the systems, updating and configuring them and installing ESXi. By adding automated server provisioning workflow routines to your existing application and VM workflow routines—and therefore additional time and labor savings—you can significantly accelerate time to value for new applications.

The screen capture below shows the library of pre-defined, customizable workflows provided with XClarity Integrator for VMware vRealize Orchestrator.

To use XClarity Integrator for VMware vRealize Orchestrator, you’ll need VMware vRealize Orchestrator 6.0 or later, Lenovo XClarity Administrator 1.0 or later, and Lenovo XClarity Integrator for VMware vCenter 4.1 or later (both XClarity components are available via XClarity Pro).

See below for more information and to access the Lenovo software.