National Football League Taps the Benefits of Virtual Reality with Lenovo Solution

Across all industries, organizations must innovate to remain competitive. With the capabilities that today’s technology presents, the ability to innovate is seemingly immeasurable. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the latest technologies presenting a new frontier of capabilities, offering access to deeper levels of data and analysis that have the capability to advance day to day operations.

However, it’s difficult to implement IoT practices without the proper networks, facilitated by hardware technologies, in place. It’s hard to examine information on how our things operate if we don’t have a computer or mobile device connection to gather data and analyze it on. One industry ripe for the implementation of modern technology like IoT is sporting leagues and athletics, who often invest significant resources into enterprise hardware for practice and game-day analysis.

With IoT gaining steam in the industry, there are an endless amount of ways sporting leagues can put that infrastructure to use to enhance their players’ skillsets. Perhaps they leverage big data and analytics during sporting events, for example, allowing players and coaches to tweak playing strategy and improve in real-time. Looking into the future, coaches and players could also reap the benefits of virtual reality, which has the potential to be a training game-changer in several sports, allowing players to mix physical with digital and integrate new practice tactics.

These are just a few examples of what can be possible with tomorrow’s technology, but it all starts with establishing strong groundwork today. Sports leagues like the National Football League (NFL) are implementing Lenovo infrastructure, including ThinkStation C30 Workstations, System x3550 M5 servers, and ThinkPad X1 Carbons to make sure players, coaches, staff are well equipped to eventually bring their game to the next level using technology like IoT. To learn more about the wide array of devices at the NFL that can be leveraged for IoT integration, click here.[PDF]