New Appliances Tailored to Challenging Storage Demands

Many IT departments today face increasing pressures from explosive data storage requirements, compounded by expectations for fast, uninterrupted access. All of this while contending with smaller IT budgets and leaner staff. For examples of what is driving this explosive data growth, consider some of your personal day-to-day activities:

  • Retail stores and gas stations capture all of your purchases via their rewards and discount cards.
  • Healthcare and financial industries analyze and backup your records and images.
  • All of your selfies and videos are quickly posted and shared on social media sites.

In the U.S. and Canada, Lenovo is collaborating with industry-leading partners, DataCore and Brocade, to help clients across North America confront these data storage challenges head on using state-of-the-art technologies. These technologies are maximizing the performance, availability and utilization of their storage assets, while automating and centralizing how they are provisioned, protected and managed. 

Lenovo’s cost-disruptive approach employs DataCore’s tenth-generation, software-defined storage platform—proven in tens of thousands of installations across the globe. Critical applications access these services through Lenovo Storage Fibre Channel switch networks—using switches such as the Lenovo Storage B6505 and B6510—the industry’s fastest 16Gbps Fibre Channel fabric with highly available and reliable switching and storage connectivity.

The integrated Lenovo and DataCore solution is available in three Lenovo x3650 M5 appliances tailored to specific scenarios:

  1. All-Flash Appliance: Ideal for IT departments seeking the highest I/O performance and lowest cost per IOPS using solid-state storage.
  2. Application Acceleration Appliance: Designed for those wanting to remove I/O bottlenecks without having to do forklift replacement of existing storage. It takes advantage of high-speed, in-memory caching to ensure low-latency and optimal response.
  3. Storage Virtualization Appliance: Focused on pooling capacity, simplifying management and auto-tiering workloads across existing storage of different makes and models. The capacity of the package may be further expanded with the newest Lenovo Storage line of S3200 SAN arrays.

A perfect example of a client implementation for this solution is Mount Sinai Health Systems. Their metro clusters rely on Lenovo infrastructure, Brocade fabric and DataCore software for active-active data copies split between New York and New Jersey.

Incidentally, DataCore just shattered the world record for price-performance on the Storage Performance Council’s prestigious SPC-1 benchmark using a Lenovo System x3650 M5 server. They achieved $0.08 / SPC-1 IOPSTM [1]; 3x lower than the next-closest competitor[2]. For more information, see SPC-1 “Top Ten”.

Performance results referenced are current as of 1/11/16.

[1] For result details, read the executive summary

[2] For result details, read the executive summary


SPC Benchmark-1, SPC-1, SPC-1 IOPS, SPC-1 LRT and SPC-1 Price-Performance are trademarks of the Storage Performance Council.