Register for SUSE Expert Days 2016—Sponsored by Lenovo

Enough with the snow! It’s time to get some fresh air and mingle with IT experts who can help you modernize the data center at SUSE Expert Days 2016. See the video invitation from SUSE Vice President, Michael Miller.

Software-defined data center (SDDC) is a big trend in IT that will likely impact your data center in the near future, if it hasn’t already. In the SDDC, virtualized applications are used to deliver and administer physical infrastructure elements as a service. Provisioning, configuration and operation of the physical infrastructure is abstracted away from individual hardware elements and implemented across the entire topology through software. The SDDC can help standardize, accelerate and scale new infrastructure provisioning and ongoing administration.

SUSE Expert Days is a great place to learn more about SDDC technology. Technical experts from Lenovo and SUSE will be on hand to discuss how our jointly engineered solutions enable an efficient and scalable infrastructure to help bend down the cost curve of IT. This event will deliver the what, why and how of the SDDC, and will be beneficial to those who are brand new to SDDC topics as well as the experts.

Topics will include the driving forces behind our evolving data centers, how to leverage existing infrastructure investments to host software-defined implementations and how to analyze the benefits of innovative open-source technologies such as OpenStack, Docker Linux containers and Ceph.

Presentations and demos will include:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud
  • Jointly engineered Lenovo-SUSE Solutions for OpenStack, Analytics and High Performance Computing
  • SUSE Enterprise Storage
  • Docker/Containers

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend SUSE Expert Days. Get more information and join us at a stop near you. Lenovo-hosted cities include Boston, Los Angeles, New York and San Diego. Can't wait to see you there!