Powering Diverse Oracle Workloads

Lenovo's synergy with Oracle demonstrates the commitment to our partnership and potential opportunities for joint development. Lenovo servers listed on the Oracle Hardware Certification Lists (HCL) are all qualified to run Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. This qualification serves as a reassurance to customers that their configuration has been tested and is enterprise-ready.

Oracle Hardware Certification involves close collaboration between Oracle and Lenovo ensuring that adequate testing is performed and results are thoroughly reviewed. This rigorous process ensures that when new hardware platform is listed on HCL, it has full support from both Oracle and Lenovo. 

Once a certification is achieved with Oracle Linux and the Unbreakable Enterprise kernel or Oracle VM, future minor updates of the software continue to carry over the certification, reducing the need for a re-certification. Lenovo servers will continue to be added and qualified over time, expanding the list of fully supported systems.

Whether your business demands a straightforward Oracle Database implementation or an end-to-end, integrated enterprise solution, Lenovo servers can power diverse Oracle workloads.

  • Oracle Database: Oracle Database 12c introduces a new, multitenant architecture that makes it easy to consolidate many databases quickly and manage them as a cloud service. Oracle Database 12c also includes in-memory data processing capabilities delivering breakthrough analytical performance. Additional database innovations deliver new levels of efficiency, performance, security and availability
  • Oracle Linux: Oracle Linux provides the latest innovations, tools and features enabling you to innovate, collaborate and create solutions across traditional, cloud-based and virtual environments. Providing advanced scalability and reliability for enterprise applications, Oracle Linux delivers a high-value,effective solution for Lenovo servers.
  • Oracle VM: Oracle VM  is a free server virtualization and management solution that makes enterprise applications easier to deploy, manage and support. Backed worldwide by affordable, enterprise-quality support for both Oracle and non-Oracle environments, Oracle VM facilitates the deployment and operation of your enterprise applications on a fully certified platform that helps reduce costs while simultaneously increasing IT efficiency and agility.

Here are the latest Oracle certifications on Lenovo servers. 

x3550 M5 –1U versatile and compact rack server

x3650 M5 2U rack server that is ideal for business-critical applications

x3750 M4 2U dense 4-socket rack server

x3850 X6 4U, 4-socket rack server providing outstanding performance and memory

x3950 X6 8U, 8-socket rack server providing maximum performance and memory