SAS Analyzes Big Data to Answer Big Questions for its Customers

Never before have so many devices, people, and things been connected to the internet. Never before has so much data been generated. There is a wealth of insight to be gained from all of that data, but wherever there is data, there needs to be analytics. Data without analytics is value not yet realized. SAS has been helping its customers turn data into knowledge for more than 40 years. SAS has customers at more than 83,000 sites, including 94 of the top 100 companies on the 2016 Fortune Global 500®.

Customer-driven Approach is Key to Success

A lot has changed in the field of analytics over the past four decades, but SAS can attribute much of its success to two strategic commitments that have not wavered since the company’s inception:

  1. A commitment to their customers -- SAS solutions are based on customer needs.
  2. Leveraging powerful, reliable technology to meet those needs.

Tim Campbell, IT Director at SAS, believes the key to their success is the company’s commitment to the customer: “We’ve always been customer-driven, in terms of understanding their needs and being in touch with what our customers need to drive their business,” he said.

Answering Big Questions

SAS customers have a wide range of questions they would like to answer with the support of analytics. The answers to some of those questions even have the potential to save lives:

How can we predict which patients are likely to develop sepsis -- a deadly health condition?

How can we help HIV patients in rural Louisiana get better care?

How can we reduce the suicide rate among young people in Canada?

Data Servers do the Heavy Lifting

As the volume of available data continues to grow exponentially, and their customers’ needs continue to evolve, SAS is working to stay one step ahead. SAS reinvests approximately 25 percent of its annual revenues in research and development, and developing new products and services requires serious data server horsepower. In addition, SAS’ own customers often depend on powerful data servers to keep their businesses running smoothly.

Failure is Not an Option

SAS chose Lenovo to provide data servers that are reliable and easy for their customers to use. Campbell trusts that Lenovo solutions and services will make his customers happy: “A very high level of customer support from Lenovo enables us to deploy our systems and not worry about adding more resources to support them.” Sanjay Patel, another IT Director at SAS, agrees: “The differentiator with Lenovo versus some of the other vendors is if they find a problem, they are very proactive. Today with virtualization and everything else, when a server fails, we can literally impact 200-300 applications and users. Reliability and being proactive so that we don’t have failures is a huge deal.”

The Possibilities are Endless

With Lenovo ThinkSystem servers crunching data in the background of their businesses, SAS’ customers aren’t just able to run the payroll software on time, every time. They are also learning more about their customers than ever before and making better business decisions. Retailers can optimize what they ship to stores to get the right goods to the people who want to buy them. Banks can determine clients who are actually drug traffickers using the bank’s services to launder money. Pharmaceutical companies can track side effects and clinical issues with much more accuracy. The list of important questions SAS software helps answer with the support of Lenovo servers is endless.

SAS is growing. And the field of analytics is going in exciting new directions. One thing you can count on in the next 40 years is SAS will continue to listen to its customers. Campbell is glad to have Lenovo along on that journey: “Lenovo and SAS share a core company value -- a passion for providing solutions to our customers.”

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