Social Super Fan, Orin Thomas, becomes a ThinkRevolution Innovator!

One of our ThinkRevolution Social Super Fans, Orin Thomas, has hit the first level of fandom, he is now a ThinkRevolution Innovator. Congrats, Orin!

We like to share a little information about our Social Super Fans as they progress in their quest to become a Revolutionist, here’s what we learned about Orin:

Orin currently lives “down under” in Melbourne, Australia where he is a textbook author and a server administrator. This guy, literally wrote the book (over 30, actually) on Microsoft Windows, which makes sense because he’s a Microsoft MVP!

Aside from writing THE book on Windows, Orin is an avid collector of Lenovo systems; he has a plethora of systems he uses: a ThinkPad W541, a ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3, a ThinkPad X230i, a ThinkPad 8, a ThinkPad T400, a ThinkCenter Edge (x2), a Yoga 3 Pro, and a Yoga 2 Pro. When pulling out the big guns (his ThinkPad W541), he generally uses Hyper-V for running VMs and Word, for writing all of those books!

We asked Orin what the coolest project was he ever used his workstation for and he told us:  

“I use my W541 to host the demos that I do at technical conferences as well as the labs that I use to write textbooks for Microsoft. At the last conference I was running 12 concurrent VMs in a complicated lab off my W541 spec’ed out with 32 GB of RAM.”

He really knows how to push those ThinkPad workstations!

Of course, we had to ask Orin, why out of all the hardware options out there, was he so loyal to Lenovo. He had great things to say:

“The machines are extremely well built and reliable. When travelling halfway across the world to speak at a conference you want to be certain that the computer hardware that hosts your demonstration labs is going to work even if the computer gets bumped around a bit.”

Keep up the good work Orin! Our systems will be right by your side!

We are excited Orin has joined ThinkRevolution as a Social Super Fan; you’ll see him posting all about Lenovo from @orinthomas!