The PHAB2 Pro is Just Getting Started

Guest post by Mohammed Hedadji.

These days, it’s not often that technology leaves us in awe.

In perhaps the world’s greatest era of innovation, I think we have grown to expect new technology. As technological advancement has become the norm, users have become desensitized to the new.

Some innovations may raise an eyebrow or spark some intrigue, but true amazement has been largely lost. As small and incremental changes have flooded the market, we simply aren’t impressed anymore, because new is no longer enough.

But every once in a while, something truly better comes along that leaves us in awe.

Last week, PHAB2 Pro did just that for me.

I was able to experience the launch of the PHAB2 Pro, the world’s first consumer Tango-enabled smartphone, at Lenovo Tech World in San Francisco as part of my internship with Lenovo.

Mohammed tests the PHAB 2 Pro in San Francisco. 


In the week before the launch, I read everything I could find about Tango, and I was definitely intrigued. With the ability to analyze its place and position in the real world, the PHAB2 Pro can augment the reality around it – something no smartphone before it could do.

But to hear and read about the PHAB2 Pro was one thing. To experience it – game changing.

As Johnny Lee, engineering director at Google, paced around the stage during his segment of the Tech World keynote, with a PHAB2 Pro in hand, he held a window to another world. Lee demonstrated many of the PHAB2 Pro’s current apps.

Lee stepped carefully around a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which joined him on stage. Then, he unlocked a virtual toy box and created an elaborate set of dominoes.

Only then did the Tango enabled PHAB2 Pro finally come to life.

Throughout his demonstration, Lee continued to urge the audience to go a step further because, of course, the only thing better than seeing the PHAB2 Pro in action is trying it out.

I was fortunate to also attend some of the media sessions for the PHAB2 Pro after the keynote, where I heard Jeff Meredith, vice president and general manager of the Android and Chrome Computing Business Group echo this sentiment.

That was when it all came together. Only when I actually held the PHAB2 Pro in my hand did I understand and appreciate everything I read about Tango and saw about the PHAB2 Pro.

As I tried and tested each application, I was amazed at how advanced something so new could be. In human-like fashion, the PHAB2 Pro completely understood its surroundings. From shooting aliens to stacking dominoes, the PHAB2 Pro and Tango let me do it all. 

Mohammed Hedadji is a Lenovo Tech World intern. Mohammed worked with Lenovo’s world-wide marketing team in preparation for Lenovo Tech World. At Tech World, he spent time learning more about the Tango-enabled PHAB2 Pro.