The Rock Star with the Lenovo Tattoo

The old adage is what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

But this rule doesn’t apply to the NZ-based rock star and avid gamer Ross McDougall. After attending CES in Las Vegas, Ross decided he wanted to share his experience with the world… or at least anyone who saw his head. 

The Saving Grace guitarist flew to Las Vegas to attend the announcement of the Legion by Lenovo gaming PC range at CES 2017.

Once there, Ross became excited by Lenovo’s passion for gaming, the Legion community and the focus on a gamer-centric platform.

He was so excited in fact, that once back home in NZ, he decided to get a Legion by Lenovo tattoo from Invictus tattoo in Te Awamutu... on his head!

“The Lenovo brand has been incredible to me and extremely supportive, I wanted to show some love after my incredible Vegas trip. To be honest, the little space I had left on my head is one of the last visible places I have, so I really didn't have any tough decisions about placement!” - Ross

His love affair with Lenovo gaming PCs extends to more than just his trip to CES and the Legion range unveiled there.

“I have two primary rigs. My VR rig is a Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900 tower. It has a GTX970 GPU which I use with an HTC Vive. As an early adopter of VR, I was stoked to see Lenovo had VR-ready offerings. The Y900 has been going great!

I also use a Y700 laptop for when I travel, or as a second rig when streaming with the Y700 or Xbox.” - Ross

But it was the “Different is Better” message from Lenovo which really resonated with Ross. “Especially as a heavily tattooed, heavy metal guy,” Ross said.

“I tend to live in a silo with regards to alternative/modified individuals, so I often forget these things may shock or surprise people. The comments and reactions have been across the spectrum, all of which have been very entertaining!” - Ross

Ross joins an elite Lenovo crew (the Lenovo INsiders) who have branded their bodies to show support for one of the brands they love the most.
In 2015, Atli Jarl Martin from Iceland got inked with the Lenovo Thinkpad logo while attending IFA in Berlin, Germany.

It’s an impressive tattoo and looks great on Ross!