As Lenovo continues to make moves in the video game industry, I’m sitting here at my desk, in ole Beijing, asking myself: Why do we need a mouse with x amount of buttons? How are we going to market this? And where the heck is my notebook? Just kidding about that last one…kind of.

Before I could come up with any answers, 3 samples arrived at my desk labeled: Lenovo Y Gaming Optical Mouse, Lenovo Y Gaming Armored Backpack, and Lenovo Y Gaming Stereo Headset. These 3 accessories would be Lenovo’s 2nd wave of gaming gear released to the market. Eager to see the products in action, I took to testing these bad boys out.

Lenovo Y Gaming Optical Mouse

Quick fun fact about me: I’m a solitaire fanatic – during non-working hours of course. That being said, you can probably imagine I need a pretty top-of-the-line mouse to ensure I have proper dpi levels, enough programmable buttons, and something well-suited for my hand. Apart from my very specific solitaire needs, the Lenovo Y Gaming Optical Mouse more than delivers for demanding titles such as Warcraft, League of Legends, Counter Strike, and more! Designed for when every second counts, this 3 level dpi mouse gives you up to 4000 dpi ensuring you’re always quickest on the draw; furthermore, it’s 5 programmable buttons have you well equipped to handle any mission, dungeon, or battlefield. With an ergonomic design, fitted for your hand, the Lenovo Y Gaming Optical Mouse is guaranteed to be your weapon of choice for all your gaming endeavors.


Lenovo Y Gaming Armored Backpack

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been hauling a backpack around since the Stone Age. Now, in my wonderful corporate life, I was sporting an Under Armour Storm bag, and was more than happy with it until the Lenovo Y Gaming Armored Backpack was sitting on my desk – then everything changed. Before even opening the bag, I already knew I was going to like it based solely off the design. With the Y Gaming logo front and center, and a hard shelled vinyl exoskeleton, the bag looked like it could accompany you up Everest. I instantly put the bag on, and with the hard shell on the back, I felt like a ninja turtle, which is an awesome feeling in its own. Opening the bag up, there was 16 organizational storage pockets and a padded sleeve able to fit up to 17.3” of hardware. The bag could easily accommodate your mouse, external hard drive, and other belongings with a number of pockets as well as any gaming headset with a latch specifically designed to do so. Needless to say, with all the storage potential, you could likely live out of the Lenovo Y Gaming Armored Backpack for several days, perhaps even weeks. Challenge accepted.

Lenovo Y Gaming Stereo Headset

One of the finer things in life is taking out a camper before he/she takes you out; even finer than that is laying down some serious smack afterwards. So, it was only obvious to boot up Call of Duty in order to get the full scope of the new headset. To my immediate liking, the Lenovo Y Gaming Stereo Headset had some seriously comfortable swivel ear pads, so comfortable I never wanted to take them off. Once in an actual game, I was fully emerged in the sounds of gunfire, grenades, and other players moving around me – talk about nostalgic. Combine that with everyone howling in their mic, and you have yourself a real warzone like experience. While chatting with my squad, I noticed crisp and clear voices making it easy to communicate and coordinate our attack. Speaking of the mic, it is both adjustable and retractable so I could bend it at my will or simply remove it altogether. After a couple games it was clear the Lenovo Y Gaming Stereo Headset is a gamer essential.

That about wraps up my experience with wave 2 thus far. From a mouse that gives you complete control, a versatile backpack, and an immersive surround sound experience, it’s safe to say wave 2 takes your arsenal to the next level.

See you online.