The Yoga 710 is by my side 7ven days a week

I’m Jin Li, co-founder of product design startup ALPAKA and self-confessed avid bag and laptop collector.
Guest blog by Jin Li, Lenovo INsider and co-founder of ALPAKA
I consider myself a maker, explorer, technophile, business owner, and so much more. While I love to travel, I’m also a young professional immersed in the day-to-day demands of getting my product design business, ALPAKA off the ground. I celebrate that my life is varied and I’m happy to embrace the label “modern digital nomad.” Like so many people, I don’t want to organize myself around the routine of a “typical” day. Everything I choose from the clothes on my back, to my Yoga 710 convertible laptop, to my 7ven Messenger bag have been mindfully selected because they merge form, function and flexibility, adapting to my needs, the occasion and even the location without compromise.
Simplify life with the right tools
When my business partner and I started ALPAKA two and a half years ago we set out to simplify the complexity of the world through the products we design, and I apply the same lens when choosing the technology that will support me in fulfilling this dream. I consider technology an extension of myself, and I lean into it to help me get more done in more places.
Thankfully, due to the increasing democratization of technology makers just like me can solve real world problems without the fear or necessity of massive capital investment. Today, we can gain access to brain trust, tools, and machinery that were historically limited or extremely costly. Case in point: when we started our company, our first critical investment was not a set of keys to an office space, it was slipping the right laptop into the working prototype of our 7ven Messenger bag and heading to a co-working space.
I rely on the Lenovo ThinkPad and this year I added the new 14-inch Yoga 710 to my tech wardrobe, largely due to the 20 percent increase in Wi-Fi performance it delivers.1 My day is consciously unplanned in terms of physical location and I try to mix it up as much as my work and technology permits, but there is no room for compromise when it comes to connectivity.
 My mobile companions on the go. Already can’t go a day without my Yoga 710.
Bucking against tradition can pay dividend
I like to start my day at the gym to feed both my mind and body. Thanks to the 360-degree hinge I can flip my Yoga 710 into tablet mode and use it as a private TV to catch up on the news of the day or my favorite vlog, while I work out.
Going beast mode at the gym…while catching up on cat videos on my Yoga 710. 
Post gym, I typically hit the café close to my office to fuel up and dig into my work day - I have been known to stay the entire morning if I get engrossed in thinking about a problem. Lucky for me, the Lenovo design team anticipated the needs of nomads like me that get absorbed in the moment and purposefully optimized the performance of the Wi-Fi signal to enhance the experience in public hotspots. Bucking tradition, the designers placed the antennae in the hinge of the device, ensuring a pristine connection in any of the convertible laptop’s four usage modes.
This means my connection is not weakened by human or physical obstacles, common to public areas. In fact, the boost in strength means I can actually pick up the private Wi-Fi signal from my office a half a block away! Worry free, I don’t have to struggle with a buffering public network or tether to my phone and panic about an expensive mobile data bill.
 Basically just need coffee and my Yoga 710 to pound through work.
What’s in your bag?
Our company goal is to design a bag that a person can use 7 days of the week, adapting to life and almost any situation whether you're using it for work, travel, photography or biking, and we are getting excitingly close to realizing our goal.
One thing that never changes is that my Yoga 710 is the first thing that goes into my 7ven Messenger bag each morning. Others may reach for their wallet, keys or phone, but for me it is my Yoga 710.
A look inside my bag (silver and black everything): My Lenovo Yoga 710, 7ven Messenger Bag, Ray-Ban® Wayfarer sunglasses, Longines® Legend diver watch, Moleskine® journal, Sennheiser® MOMENTUM over-ear headphones, Ferragamo® card holder, Montblanc™ wallet, pens & pen holder 
When I’m not traveling between Melbourne and Shanghai, I typically spend the afternoons in the ALPAKA office with my business partner and our designer, but there is never a typical flow to these sessions. We may be reviewing financial spreadsheets, giving a customer presentation, or finessing a design which means at any given hour I could be switching between laptop, tent or tablet mode.
The Yoga 710’s hinge provides the seamless productivity my tasks demand coupled with a refreshing lack of reliance on a cumbersome power cable, thanks to the all day battery life.2
Being the Managing Director of a product design company means I am never fully off the hook, I can get called up by my employees and business partners to deal with a range of issues at short notice, day or night. I have literally been enjoying the sunshine at the beach one minute, and the next minute I have to deliver a new design change, which is why I chose the Yoga 710 with up to Intel® Core™ i7 processor. Its NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics is powerful enough to run AutoCAD®  – freeing me from the confines of a desk bound workstation. Less downtime means lower cost to business.
Reviewing new design concepts is much more fun in stand mode.
Flexing your productivity muscle
I believe time is the most precious gift we have, so I’m very conscious where I invest it. Naturally, I ground myself in the office when the task and occasion demand it, but typically, my Yoga 710 affords me the flexibility to get more done in non-traditional places. I have been known to be on a conference call in a park, revise a patent submission from the library, and catch up with email in a café or restaurant, all in the space of 12 hours.
Maybe all the worlds’ most useful products include the number 7? I sure hope so!
Reading an ebook on the shoulder of the Yarra River in Melbourne. Finally some quality alone time with my Yoga 710. :)
For details about the 7ven Messenger Bag Kickstarter visit:
Lenovo Yoga 710 (14-inch model) is available now starting at $999.99.3

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1 Compared to its previous generations like the Yoga 700, the 14-inch Yoga 710 has an integrated hinge antenna that increases its antenna performance by up to 20 percent in tablet mode.
2 Yoga 710 battery testing is based on local video playback with brightness set at 200 nits and Wi-Fi off. Battery life and recharge times are approximate and will vary based on various factors, including system settings, features selected and usage. The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease over time.
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