Looks can be deceiving. Sometimes people of amazing influence and power do not even remotely resemble the part. Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of the Indian Nationalist movement against British colonial rule and best known for his non-violence doctrine, lived a modest, unassuming life. Just five feet four inches in height, Gandhi lived in a self-sufficient residential community, subsisted on a simple vegetarian diet and endured long fasts in protest against the colonial dictatorship. Billionaire Warren Buffet is considered the most successful investor in the world. Despite his wealth (estimated at $67B), he lives a frugal life and frowns upon luxury splurging. And of course, none of his high-school friends guessed that lonely, shy Peter Parker lived a double-life as the crime-fighting superhero Spider Man.

The new, single-processor Lenovo System x3250 M6 fits the paradox of incredible power in a deceptively simple package. Announced with our total server portfolio refresh on March 31, the x3250 M6 is the superhero server for small- and medium-sized businesses and growing enterprises. It delivers surprisingly enormous performance and enterprise-class capabilities in a tiny 1U rack server form factor. Available with a choice of Intel Xeon E3-1200 v5, Pentium, Core i3 or Celeron processors, the x3250 M6 is ideal for powering your infrastructure basics (e.g. email, file, print, web serving), retail point-of-sale and line-of-business applications.   

Super-Charged Workload Performance

The x3250 M6 incorporates up to 107 percent more virtual machines, 100 percent more memory capacity (64GB TruDDR4 Memory), 30 percent faster computational performance, 33 percent faster memory speed and 100 percent faster data transfer rate (12Gb) than its predecessor—for super-charging your workloads. You also get up to an eye-popping 24TB of capacity with four 3.5-inch hard-disk drives or eight 2.5-inch solid-state drives, providing you with easy future expansion. 

Number-One Reliability for Maximum Uptime and Protection

Lenovo servers, including the x3250 M6, achieved the highest reliability of all x86 servers for the third year in a row—and the top overall customer satisfaction in 2014 and 2015. With the x3250 M6, you can sleep comfortably at night without worrying about downtime and villainous hackers. High-availability features include built-in Lenovo Trusted Platform Assurance security—with a Trusted Platform Module for protecting the hardware and firmware—and redundant, hot-swappable drives and power supplies.

Enterprise-Class Management for Simplified Maintenance

Lenovo XClarity is available on the x3250 M6 for dramatically simplifying and centralizing resource management. It provides automated discovery, monitoring, configuration, updating and power usage optimization. An option for mobile management enables the near super-power of anytime, anywhere access from mobile devices. XClarity reduces deployment steps by an amazing 75 percent from 60 minutes for non-managed systems to six minutes, rescuing valuable IT administrator time.

Energy-Efficient Design for Cost Savings

This slim rack server also saves energy costs. It provides 92 percent energy efficiency with 80+ Gold power supplies, low-voltage Xeon processors with as little as 25W, and 1.2V TruDDR4 DIMMs with 35 percent less power consumption than 1.35V DDR3 LRDIMM. TruDDR4 Memory means that the memory has been sourced from Lenovo’s trusted, tested suppliers. With these energy features, you can run power-hungry workloads without breaking your budget.

As Peter Parker’s (aka Spiderman) Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Like a true superhero, the Lenovo System x3250 M6 rack server packs a punch with enterprise-class features and performance, designed for SMBs. It supercharges your workloads with lightning-quick speed, protects you against downtime and hardware/firmware security breaches, simplifies your management and rescues your time—all while saving you energy costs. (Pow!)

So the next time you see an ordinary-looking person—say a small girl or boy or even the kids next door—performing an unusual feat, don’t be surprised. He or she could be a superhero in disguise.

Learn more about the x3250 M6 and take the virtual tour. View the Rack and Tower presentation.