What’s New in the World of the Converged Systems

Last month, we announced the availability of the Lenovo Converged HX Series Nutanix Appliance, which greatly simplifies the deployment and management of commonly used data center workloads. It combines the well-known value and reliability of Lenovo servers with the Xtreme Computing Platform software from Nutanix.

It has been both exciting and fun to watch as things have progressed over the past month including the ramping up of the sales teams—from training to prospecting and meeting with customers. Speaking of customers, I’ve been meeting with them and partners, and have been a frequent visitor to our Enterprise Briefing Center, to present the Lenovo HX Series. We’ve given many demonstrations of the product and ramped up proof-of-concept testing. The interest is there and Lenovo and Nutanix are poised to deliver. The drumbeat is constant and the heartbeat continues to grow stronger between us. We told the world last November this was more than just an OEM agreement between the two companies and we’re proving it. Each and every day brings something new and someone new. I’m hearing from people all over the world, hungry for knowledge and the growing interest in the Lenovo HX Series. I promise it’s worth taking a look. 

To review, the Lenovo Converged HX Series is simple to deploy. With compute, storage and virtualization co-located on a single node, the Lenovo Converged HX Series enables businesses to dramatically simplify their infrastructure and pool resources into a single virtual structure for more efficient utilization and management. Plus, it scales rapidly to meet the growing needs of SMB and enterprise IT departments.

There are currently three Lenovo HX Series appliances available to support configurations designed to address popular workloads:

  • The Lenovo Converged HX7500 is perfect for high-performance workloads such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and databases such as Microsoft SQL Server. This performance is enabled by higher-end processors, four SSDs to support larger workloads and 20 2.5-inch HDDs.
  • The Lenovo Converged HX5500 is well suited for storage-heavy workloads such as file servers, Splunk and data center backups. This strong storage platform is enabled by cost-effective 3.5-inch HDDs that include three different capacity options of 12 TB, 24 TB and 36 TB.
  • The Lenovo Converged HX3500 is ideal for deployments focused on compute-heavy environments. It features a strong mix of two SSDs and six 2.5-inch HDDs to support generalized virtualization workloads such as web servers and VDI.

Here’s a couple of handy links for you to check out: Lenovo Converged HX Series 3D Tour and Lenovo Converged HX Series Product Guide.

Is the Lenovo Converged HX Series Nutanix Appliance right for you and your business? Find out by contacting your Lenovo representative or Lenovo Business Partner. In the mean time, visit our Lenovo-Nutanix web site